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Bronwyn Whore Cheated On Her Husband

Added 2009-06-26 Good Rating 52%

This Whore Cheated On Her Husband With Me A Few Times. I Got Some Pics Of Her Dressed And Undressed. Bronwyn.


Added 2009-06-25 Good Rating 52.7%

A Close Look Inside The Secret Sex Lives Of A Polish Housewife. Gosia Is A Sexy Dame!

My Wife Cody

Added 2009-06-25 Good Rating 52.8%

Before We Were Married, Cody Used To Get Crazy All The Time And Model For Me! But Now She Is So Busy Nursing At Univ Of Wyoming.

Drunk Mom

Added 2009-06-25 Good Rating 52.4%

Very Drunk Mom Out And About One Fun Night. I Got Completely Naked In The Parking Lot And Fucked A Trailer Hitch.

Married Freak

Added 2009-06-25 Good Rating 52.2%

She's Married With A Kid, And Blames Me For Making Her A Freak On The Side. I Love Fucking Her LOL!

Wife Posing For Photo's

Added 2009-06-24 Good Rating 53.9%

My Wife Posing For Some Nude Photos. Showing Her Pale Ass And Opening Her Mouth For My Big Cock.

Mi Esposa De 43 Años

Added 2009-06-24 Good Rating 53.3%

Who Wants To Fuck This Spanish Cougers Ass? She Is My Wife And She Is 43 Years Old.

Wife Suck Cock And Gets Fucked.

Added 2009-06-24 Good Rating 52.1%

Wife Suck Cock And Then She Gets Fucked. This Chick Has Got A Big Beautiful Ass And She Knows How To Use It.

Kay Gives Friend A Blowjob And Ride

Added 2009-06-24 Good Rating 53%

Kay Interrupts Meeting To Welcome Business Friend Back To Northeast.

Hangin Out Under The Bridge

Added 2009-06-23 Good Rating 54.1%

Pullin Up Her Dress Under The Bridge. My Wife Wanted To Know What You All Thought Of Her Pussy And If She Is Still Hot!

Wide Open Korean Ass

Added 2009-06-23 Good Rating 53.8%

My Korean Ex Cheated On Me With Some Small Cocked Asian Punk. I Bet His Cock Is Like A Hotdog In A Hallway.

More From Kinky Slut Joanne Dalaney

Added 2009-06-23 Good Rating 52.7%

Nasty 40 Yr Old Slut Joanne. She Dresses Up As French Maid And Chained Up. It Gets A Little More Intense Near The End.

Sexy Asian

Added 2009-06-23 Good Rating 52.7%

A Really Fat Asian Pussy With A Swollen Clit Getting Fucked In The Ass By A Big Black Dick.


Added 2009-06-22 Good Rating 53.5%

Sherline's Perfect Pussy With Long Hairy Lips. Just A Few Snap Shots, But That Pussy Is Perfect.


Added 2009-06-22 Good Rating 53.3%

Tammy Shows Her Sloppy Tits. She Has Two Kids At Home, But She Comes You Once A Week To Get Some Cock From Me.


Added 2009-06-22 Good Rating 53.1%

Sedonia From Czech Republic Shows Her Beautiful Bare Pussy To Her Ex Husbands Camera. Thanks Georg


Added 2009-06-22 Good Rating 52.5%

My First Wife Used To Love To Get Naked In Public, But She'd Never Let Me Fuck Her. Too Bad, But Now I Have A New One.

Evil Milf

Added 2009-06-21 Good Rating 53.8%

Nasty Milf With Lots Of Piercings Spreading Her Lips And Letting You Inside. If You Aren't Into Mature, This Could Give You Nightmares.


Added 2009-06-21 Good Rating 53.9%

Her Name Is Justina And She Has Always Wanted To Tryout As Porn Model Give Your Comments. If You Like Ebony You Will Love Her.

Old 1 Nite Stand

Added 2009-06-21 Good Rating 52.5%

Mid 80's My Best Friends 19yr Old Girlfriend Paid Me A Visit One Nite, Skinny,hairy And Very Wet.


Added 2009-06-20 Good Rating 53.1%

Hot Filipina Playing At The Beach! Her Name Was Jennifer, She's Probably Pregnant Now From This Guy Who Was Chilling With Her.

Added 2009-06-20 Good Rating 52.1%

Young Milf Cunt Ready For Dick! Send Me Mail At I Wanna See Who Is Jackin To My Pussy! Send Me Pics Of Hard Dick!!


Added 2009-06-20 Good Rating 51.6%

This Are Some Pics Of A Hot And Very Open Mom That Happens To Be Best Friends With My Wife. Hope You Enjoy.


Added 2009-06-20 Good Rating 51.2%

My Wife In A Catsuit! She Is The Coolest Chick In The World We Have Loads Of Fun And Now You Can Enjoy Her Too.

Tits And Ass

Added 2009-06-19 Good Rating 53.1%

Bondage And Toy Stuffing Into This Hot Milf That I Have Been Fucking For The Last While. Look At The Sagging Body On This Girl.

Nancy Verrelli From Hamilton I Met On The Bus

Added 2009-06-19 Good Rating 51.7%

This Slut I Met On The Bus In Hamilton. I Ended Up Fucking Nancy Verrelli For A Week While Her Husband Was At Work.

Kates Ass

Added 2009-06-19 Good Rating 51.4%

I Spent A Lot Of Nights With Kates Big Ass. She Was Fun For A While, But Then I Got Sick Of It And Moved On.

Ex Girlfriend Loves Bondage

Added 2009-06-19 Good Rating 51.3%

My Girlfriend Was Into Some Cool Bondage Shit When She Was Younger. Once We Were Engaged, It Was All Over.

Self Shots Of Paula From Corona Ca

Added 2009-06-17 Good Rating 53.9%

Self Shots From Paula Who Lives In Corona California. Nice Looking Blonde Milf Who DPs Herself For Our Viewing Pleasure.

Face Down

Added 2009-06-17 Good Rating 53.9%

I Used To Be Engaged To This Girl. This Is When I Was Teaching Her How I Like To Fuck. Face Down Ass Up. Looks Like Denise Richards!


Added 2009-06-17 Good Rating 52.7%

Old Pictures From The Late 80s And Early 90s Of My Ex Wife Jackie Lying Around The House Naked. She Gained 50 Pounds And Lost A Husband!

Amateur Wife

Added 2009-06-17 Good Rating 51.2%

My Wife Being A Good Little Girl And Spreading Her Legs To My Paradise. More To Come If You Like.

Fruit Girl

Added 2009-06-16 Good Rating 53.3%

My Ex Girlfriend Stuffing Her Mature Snatch With Fruit In Hopes Of Making It More Appetizing For Me. Too Bad I Never Had Seconds!


Added 2009-06-16 Good Rating 53.1%

Chubby Girl From Caracas Venezuela. Joana Thinks She Is Way Hotter Than She Really Is, But For 34 With A Bad Boob Job, Not Too Bad.

Samantha The Ex Girlfriend

Added 2009-06-16 Good Rating 51.7%

This Was My Ex Girlfriend. She Had Sex With My Roommate, I Had Sex With Her Hotter, Younger Sister. Samantha


Added 2009-06-16 Good Rating 50.6%

There Is Nothing She Likes More Than To Get Her Mouth Fucked By A Hard Dick. Self Submitted By Deb.


Added 2009-06-15 Good Rating 53.3%

This Fat Beaster Is From Kingston Ontario. Her Name Is Ashley And She Loves To Do Blow And Get Fucked By Scumbags!

Slut Wife

Added 2009-06-15 Good Rating 53.2%

Here Are Some Pics Of My Slutty Wife. No Face Pics By Her Request. This Pussy Has The Biggest Lips In The Country.

Sucking Someone Elses Dick

Added 2009-06-15 Good Rating 52.4%

That's My Wife, But Not My Dick. Found It On Her Laptop. Memorize Her Face And Call Her A Whore When You See Her!

Tisha From Deltona Fl

Added 2009-06-15 Good Rating 52.3%

Tisha Is An Ebony Woman Who Likes Her Fuckholes Filled. If You Know Her, She Might Be An Easy Fuck For You. Deltona FL.

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