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Added 2009-08-11 Good Rating 51.1%

My Wife Jules Wanted To Get Away For The Weekend And Show Her Vagina To The World In A Scenic Area.

Delicious Whore

Added 2009-08-10 Good Rating 53%

You Can't Tell Me That This Isn't A Delicious Looking Italian Pussy. I Would Eat This Thing For Weeks.

My Wife

Added 2009-08-10 Good Rating 51.9%

I've Been Abusing This Vagina Daily For Quite Some Time Now. Can You Tell?

Fat Milf

Added 2009-08-10 Good Rating 51.9%

This Is One Fat Naked Milf. She Needs To Be Abused, And I'm Sure Everybody Would Love To Do It.

Having Some Fun.

Added 2009-08-10 Good Rating 51%

I Had This Girl Suck My Cock And She Let Me Cum On Her Face Too. Didn't Mind Paying For The Blowjob.


Added 2009-08-09 Good Rating 52.5%

Jenny Is A Teacher And She LOVES Sucking Cock! This Is Every Boy's Fantasy, And She Is Ready To Fulfill.

Ex Posing

Added 2009-08-09 Good Rating 51.7%

A Good Fuck But The Most Untrustworthy Woman Around. This Is The Best Of Her Stuff Showcased In A Few Nasty Milf Pictures.


Added 2009-08-09 Good Rating 50.6%

Pictures Of Mary From 1980. This Woman Was Alright, She Had A Lot Of Moxie. She Could Pick Me Up When I Was Down.

My Ex Is So Slutty, Now She Is Married. Enjoy Her Huge Tits!

Added 2009-08-08 Good Rating 53.5%

This Is A Huge Titted Whore, She Made Me Get A Divorce From My Hot Hot Wife Then Left Me!


Added 2009-08-08 Good Rating 52.4%

Wow, This Bird Is Really Hot. Her Name Is Gise And She Is French. I'd Love To Hit This.


Added 2009-08-08 Good Rating 52.2%

This Is My Sexy Horny Slut Of A Wife Letting Me Get My Money's Worth Out Of The Corset I Bought Her.

Big Ass

Added 2009-08-07 Good Rating 52.2%

This Is Me And My Wife's Version Of Ass To Mouth. Look At That Big Ass Getting That Tiny Hole Stretched.


Added 2009-08-07 Good Rating 52.8%

Some French Skank Named Fran, Gave Me These Cuz I Told Her She Could Watch Me Fuck My Fiance On Cam, She Never Got To Though!

Ex Loves It From Behind

Added 2009-08-07 Good Rating 51.7%

She Didn't Want Her Face To Be Shown, But She Didn't Mind Me Taking A Couple Of Pics While I Hit It From Behind

Blonde Momma

Added 2009-08-07 Good Rating 51.5%

Big Blonde Mother Of Many Posing For Some Sexy Pics. This Is A Big Naked Sultry Woman!

Just Some Old Booty

Added 2009-08-06 Good Rating 52.8%

Some Old Booty That I Used To Hit In College. She Wasn't Put Together Perfectly, But It Was Pretty Good.

One Hot Momma

Added 2009-08-06 Good Rating 52.1%

This Is One Hot Momma That Loves To Tease Anyone And Everyone She Can. Hope You All Like What She Is Packing.

Splendid Milf

Added 2009-08-06 Good Rating 51.4%

This Is A Hot Milf That I Came Across.... And Inside Of, And On! Splendid Milf, I Hope You Like Her.

Rosalind And Andy

Added 2009-08-06 Good Rating 50.1%

Rosalind, With And Without Cuckold Husband Andy. I've Had Her Pussy And Ass Not 10 Minutes After He's Left For The Day.

Meg Fuckable Wife Slut.. 2

Added 2009-08-05 Good Rating 54.1%

Meg Enjoys Sucking, Swallowing And Good Fuck. Just Like Any Good Mature Whore Does.

My Wife

Added 2009-08-05 Good Rating 52%

My Wife In Slutty Heels, With Toys And Outfits I Had To Buy Her So That She Could Get Me Off.

Show Off Lady:

Added 2009-08-05 Good Rating 51.4%

Just Loves To Show Off Her Body. She Is A Nice Middle Aged Slut Who Can Stuff Any Dildo In Her Pussy.


Added 2009-08-05 Good Rating 51.3%

Me And My Wife On Date Night Getting It Done. Look At The Penetration! I Love Wednesdays.

Big Tit's And Nice Fuck!

Added 2009-08-04 Good Rating 50.3%

I Fucked Her So Many Times She Became An Instant Whore. She Is Still Fucking Everyone In The City.

Rosalind Yet Again

Added 2009-08-04 Bad Rating 49.3%

Rosalind In Lingerie For Some "pro" Shots. Those Meat Curtains Just Caress Any Cave Explorer.


Added 2009-08-03 Good Rating 53.3%

Some Old Pictures I Had Lying Around Of Clair From Massachusetts Masturbating. I Love The Lip Stick!

Great Lips

Added 2009-08-03 Good Rating 51%

This Girl Had The Most Luscious Lips On Her Pussy I Have Ever Tasted. I Love Looking At These Old Pics, It Brings It All Back.


Added 2009-08-03 Good Rating 50.6%

Jamie Is A Serious Milf. I Bet She Really Threw Down At Parties In Her Day. Probably Been Backstage At A Fw Concerts Too.


Added 2009-08-02 Good Rating 52.9%

This Colombian Girl Is A Pro. She Needs To Work Harder And Get Those Tits Inflated! Hot Woman Though.

Fire Crotch

Added 2009-08-02 Good Rating 51.8%

This Fire Crotch Tries To Deny That She Is A Redhead. Auburn Or Brunette. Well Here Is The Proof. The Carpet Matches The Drapes.


Added 2009-08-02 Good Rating 51.3%

Pictures From Way Back Of My Wife Sevonia. She Was A Great Lay When I Was Young, But As We Got Older, She Wasn't.


Added 2009-08-02 Good Rating 51.2%

My Ex Wife Jamie. She Was A Whore, But I Guess That Was What I Liked About Her. Lives In A Trailer Park Now.

Sabrinah Like It...

Added 2009-08-01 Good Rating 50.7%

Sabrinah Likes It When I Cum In Her Pussy And She Spreads Her Lips To Let It Flow Out. She Gets So Wet, Enjoy.


Added 2009-08-01 Good Rating 51.6%

My Big Fat German Ex Monika. She Had A Fiercely Hairy Pussy, And Was Built Like A Dump Truck!

More Rosalind

Added 2009-08-01 Good Rating 51.6%

A Real Madonna-whore. Ros Put Up With Hubby Andy And Got What She Needed Elsewhere. That's Wwhat I Am For


Added 2009-08-01 Good Rating 50.7%

This Was A Horny Mom I Was Fucking Back When I Lived In North Carolina. I Moved Out West For The Hotter Milfs!

Erin Cumslut

Added 2009-07-31 Good Rating 54.2%

Erin Is One Of The Hottest Cumsluts I Have Ever Seen. She Loves Facials And Creampies. This Is A Hot Milf.

Nylon Fetish

Added 2009-07-31 Good Rating 52.8%

When You Find A Woman Whom Is Willing To Satisfy Your Nylon Fetish, You Hang Onto Her. This Guy Married His. She Is Hot.

Vietnamese Wife

Added 2009-07-31 Good Rating 53.6%

Marrying My Vietnamese Wife Was The Best Decision I Ever Made. She Is Really Submissive And She Loves Sucking Cock!

British Tart

Added 2009-07-31 Good Rating 52.6%

British Slut Michelle, Good While It Lasted But She Was Putting It About While I Was Away.

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